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  1. Pete

    Animals do not have rights.

    They have recipies.

  2. TxRik

    Animal rights groups infuriate me but it doesn’t seem to bother them. Not sure why Kendal or I should care what infuriates them.

  3. Cassandra

    Different countries have different laws for legal an illegal hunts. So I do not see where this one person is in the wrong. She broke NO laws everything was done by the book. So if there are people that disagree with what she does take it up with the ones who made it legal for her to do it. To pick on one person for her attributes to a legal hobby is just ridiculous. Would I hunt that type of animal no, but I don’t condemn her for doing so. She broke no rules, and she worked hard to obtain her kills. SO stop poking and prodding the person who followed the rules and go after the people who make them you will get no where attacking one person. Spend your time wisely if this is what u r against.

  4. Troy Webb

    Do Animal Rights activists attack abortionists for 43 million humans killed since Roe vs Wade? Crickets……

  5. God

    Dummy Ted Nugent fans, typical for this medium. I hope K Jones blows her face off next time she’s cleaning her bazooka.

    This post sums it up Big Gamers… keep telling yourselves big game hunting helps the impoverished natives. F’ng creeps w/ their guns, breeders, Nugent & Palin (Ive heard they are the opener on the Hall & Oates reunion tour)… let’s applaud Kendall Jones and dismiss anyone as zealot for questioning continued “big game hunt auctions”. 100-1 says Kendall decides to pass on cheerleading this season… any takers?

    Oh yeah, “the most dangerous game” link…

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