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  1. OL AG '89

    It’s about time we remind ourselves who “OWNS” this country and HER freedoms!
    it is absurd to think that ANY government in the entire worls would allow the mass invasion that is currently occuring in the U.S. Mexico has some of the strictest immigration laws in the world, just ask U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi about their “policies”. He has been held by the Mexican government for over 100 days all the while, 100,000’s of illegal freely walk across our border, blatantly ignoring our immigration laws. They bring diseases that we long since banquished from our society, a level of poverty that even our most impoverished would not understand and finally a growing sense of entitlement that enboldens them to openly protest in front of OUR Capital, without the fear of detainment or arrest.
    I salute the Men and Women of these groups that sacrifice for the rest of us.
    It is time that “WE THE PEOPLE” take back control of OUR government and if they dont do what the Majority of Americans expect we take that power and ability from them.

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