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  1. William R. Garrett

    I realize that there are many hungry people in the worl however, to have taken the life of this and any shark for that matter to me is unconsciencable. Worlwide sharks as a whole are in serious decline. Talk about not caring for the environment ! Sharks are the necessay apex predator of the oceans…helping us to keep our oceans and our healthy replenishable live fish stocks for harvesting healthy. It would have been better to have released this fish back into the ocean alive to breed more of it’s kind. Most responsible sport fisherman would have released it as unharmed as possible. Just something to think about the next time you’re fishing off-shore for sport. In the late 70’s we lived and worked the Outer Banks and when caught we released every billfish and shark we caught. Anything else if legal size was fair game. Yes, you can be a sportsman and a conservationist at the same time. Sharks grow very slowly and can only reach sexual maturity after several years. PLEASE THINK PEOPLE !

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