Hornady issues recall for single Lot of Critical Duty 9mm ammo


Hornady Mfg Company issued a recall of a single lot of its Critical Duty 9mm ammo on July 31 due to “light or no powder charges.”

The company said its Hornady Critical Duty 9mm 135 grain +P ammunition with item number “90226″ and lot number “3141635″.

Additionally, it shipped between the dates June 5 to July 16.

Hornady warns that using defective ammo could result in damage to a firearm or personal injury.

To see if you have a box, the company instructs that you look for “#90226″ and “Lot# 3141635″ printed on the underside of the box label.

If you own this lot or have questions regarding the recall, the company asks that you call 1-800-338-1242. Hornady will make all arrangements associated with this return and replacement of the product.

Source: Guns.com

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