Huffington Post Reporter Can’t Tell the Difference Between Earplugs and Rubber Bullets


This is why we can’t get accurate reporting out of Ferguson, Missouri and also illustrates why the media is so often badly informed on guns.

Ryan J Reilly tweeted the following last night during the height of the Ferguson, Missouri standoff between police and protestors who refused to comply with the town’s new curfew.


Really? You can’t tell the different between common ear plugs and rubber bullets? You’re supposed to be the justice reporter for The Huffington Post.

Granted, the Huffington Post has never really cared about factual reporting in regards to anything gun related, so I don’t know why I would expect them to start now.

Some of the replies themselves are pretty funny. The first one wins the Internet for the day.



Source: Guns Save Lives


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  1. Larry Cates

    Ryan Reilly needs to resign from trying to be a reporter and take up cleaning toilets. Maybe he can that correctly.

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