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  1. James Andrews

    Concealed carry is the way to go, but open carry is guaranteed under our Constitution, which some people still don’t understand. It is plainly stated in our Second Amendment.

  2. chiefatk

    Quanell X acts just like any hard nose liberal. Who is he to restrict people from “his community”? I thought we were all Americans as a whole, not broken down by single communities that attempt to restrict non-community personnel from entering their “territory”. I remember the time when you could travel anywhere in the United States without worrying about treading on someone’s community. We are not a united states anymore, you have to be a trained attorney just to understand each states laws and restrictions. Try traveling through this country with a legal carry permit into other states and see what happens if you get stopped for a minor vehicle violation. Pennsylvania into New Jersey as an example!!! This country has been divided by the Obama administration and in cooperation with self serving representatives on both sides. Fighting amongst ourselves is not in the countries best interest or any “community”. I see nothing wrong with open carry as long as it is done legally. The time may come very soon that we wished that we had the privilege of open carry and unrestricted concealed carry.

  3. Mike Rains

    I have a CCL and I carry. Wlhile I totally and strngly agree that open carry is a constitutional right, I see absolutely no good coming out of this group actions. The only outcoe is see is their actions providng fodder for the gun-control group. If the open carry folks’ goal is create a more restrictive firearms environment, they are doing a great job.

  4. Mike

    Black Racism? We don’ want your kind……what kind would that be?

  5. Flash

    I communicated with one of the members of this group through a friend’s link in Facebook. When I suggested that a bunch of armed white men marching through a black community would be about as welcome as the KKK, he called me a racist. These are not people that are interested in a rational discussion of gun rights. They put on all the appearances of being narrow minded and confrontational with any who would disagree with them. They are doing far more harm to their cause than anyone who favors restricted gun rights.

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