Which is Better: Bait or Lures? Here’s the Proof. Which is Better: Bait or Lures? Here’s the Proof.

Sure, it’s an age-old question, which is why we set out to settle it on our new fishing show, Got Bait? I say “our” new show because it features me and my boys, Max and David. We grab an expert angler to be our guest for the day and even out the teams, then settle the issue with hand-to-hand fishing combat, putting bait up against lures in real-world fishing situations. In our pilot episode, Got Bait? The Hunt For Flounder, we traveled to a coastal bay on the east coast and while Team Bait fished with minnow and squid, Team Lures used GULP! artificials.

fishing show

While filming the Got Bait? fishing show, we answer the age-old question: which is better, bait or lures?

We also test your fishing knowledge, with fishing quizzes and segments on the species of the day. (Next month’s episode focuses on striped bass, and in October, we take  stab at mahi-mahi). And yes, there are some how-to fishing segments in the show as well. But overall, Got Bait? is nothing like any fishing show you’ve seen before. Sure, I’m partial, but I think it’s pretty dang entertaining.

So, which won the day – bait, or lures? I’m not going to give it away. If you want to see which caught the most fish (and it was a solid winner, more than doubling the other’s catch) you’ll have to click on the picture above, and check out the show!