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  1. Carl

    The first thing you check in planning the family vacation is how many gun ranges are in or near the town you’re thinking of going to.

  2. Steve

    Your wife threatens to divorce you if you buy another gun but doesn’t (for the third time). If only it were that easy.

    1. Craig

      You get in a fight with your wife because you bought a new gun and didn’t get her one too. (has happened in my house.)

  3. Delta

    You have multiple state’s CCWs and won’t travel thru states that don’t honor them on family vacations.

  4. Justin

    You’ve been concealed carrying for so long, you are scared you’re gonna forget you have it when you need it.

    When your pressure cleaning your drive way, and you let off the trigger finger automatically goes in the safe position.

  5. Nathan

    Your kids draw pictures for you to post downrange instead of on the fridge.

  6. Larry

    You carry more than one back-up pistol.

  7. Jenena Hess

    When ever you watch any movie involving guns you have to see what make model and caliber they’re using and miss every other detail.

  8. tmyers

    When remodeling your house, you keep trying to convince your wife its a good idea to put a backstop in the spare bedroom at the end of the hallway and turn that 30 foot straight line between the spare bedroom and living room into an indoor pistol range!

  9. jack

    You’ve carried so long, you forgot and carried it into a courthouse. 🙁

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