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550+lb Blue Marlin

Every man’s dream fish! Greg Wilson took 48 min to reel in this beautiful girl! She fought like mad!


Texas 10 LB beauty!

Britnie Perthuis and My first big bass, an East Texas BEAUTY! Caught this 10 pounder at Lake Pinkston in Center, Texas at about 11:30 PM…


Austin’s 1st Red

We were fishing in Turtle Bay outside of Palacios, Tx. Austin hooked his first Red and a 6’+ shark also wanted a piece of him….


It hurt real bad but I got over it.

We had practiced the day before with a small caliber rifle for Tripps 1st Big Game hunt with when the oppurtunity presented it’s self all…


Big flounder

Taylor Holland age 12 caught this 4.23 lbs. flounder while fishing in Matagorda bay, during the little salty’s fishing tournament .


22lb striper

Caught this 22lb striper while prefishing on texoma


Bull Red

Caught 8 of these big bull reds at the freeport jetties all released to be caught again.


Big catch

50 lbs black drum caught in sargent tx at Mitchell’s cut on dead shrimp