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Hit and Run Flounder (Video)

Hit and Run Flounder (Video)

If you ever have flounder hit and then run hard, pay close attention to this video. You could be missing out on huge flounder by…

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Outdoor Kids and Social Media Pt. 2

A crucial element of keeping kids involved in the outdoors is mentorship. Take a kid fishing days, field trips and other events are wonderful but…

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Outdoor Kids and Social Media Pt. 1

Many involved with children and youth outreach slam social media as a negative force. The fact is, social media is here to stay and we…

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The Incredible Siberian Lynx

Last week my family and I met our friends Terri Werner (Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge) and Mike Gilley at Jim Broaddus’ Bear Creek Feline Center…

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Heron spears crappie (photo)

Watching shorebirds feed is always a treat and occasionally you get to see something amazing like this. Here’s a great blue heron I photographed spearing…

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MONSTER jaguar (photo)

Jaguar circa 1994. Photo by yours truly. This beautiful cat’s name was Czar and his claim to fame is that he was in a Motley…