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A story in The Huffington Post on a Texas couple who say they caught an alleged “chupacabra” in a live trap caused a gigantic stir…


The Hog from Hell

Chester Moore IF THERE IS A DARK SIDE to hunting in the American South, it comes via wild hogs. No animal from Texas to Florida…

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It started long ago…

Kingdom Zoo is a lifestyle and although I didn’t have a name for it back then, it always has been. This is a shot of…


Time to be a Texan

Chester Moore Some 22 years ago, when I graduated high school, I considered myself an environmentalist. I was concerned about the destruction of wildlife habitat,…

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The beauty of cougars

The great cats are arguably the planet’s most beautiful creatures. With vivid colors, patterns and striking, muscular frames, they are the epitome of divine design….

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Ever seen a shrew? (Photo)

The shrew is a mouse-sized insectivore that is arguably the most voracious predator on the planet and the two most common varieties are the southern…