The Incredible Siberian Lynx
Last week my family and I met our friends Terri Werner (Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge) and Mike Gilley at Jim Broaddus’ Bear Creek Feline Center in Panama City, Fla. It was a wonderful trip as we learned much about several unique species of cats and it inspired me to... Read more
Heron spears crappie (photo)
Watching shorebirds feed is always a treat and occasionally you get to see something amazing like this. Here’s a great blue heron I photographed spearing a crappie on Sam Rayburn reservoir. The skill God gives our wildlife to be able to hunt with such precision and for all things... Read more
MONSTER jaguar (photo)
Jaguar circa 1994. Photo by yours truly. This beautiful cat’s name was Czar and his claim to fame is that he was in a Motley Crue video (“Without You”: 1989). I snapped this photo upon walking in his enclosure and walked right back out. It was housed at a... Read more
Silverback Gorilla-cool pic
Digging through the archives.. Here’s a cool pic of a big silverback lowland gorilla catching a yam my wife Lisa threw to him. This is from the Audubon Zoo in 2007 when I was out there doing an article and taking a tour with the zookeepers. The yam was... Read more
Snook eats 5 pound bass! (video)
This is the coolest “eats” footage fishing footage I have ever seen. Check it out. Read more
Inspirational reptile book!
It is important to get inspirational books and other wildlife-related items into the hands of kids so they truly appreciate God’s amazing Creation. I honor my parents for always supporting my love for wildlife when I was a kid. They went out of their way even when we had... Read more
Name Chester’s New Pet…And the Winner is…
Cousin It Love the name Cousin It, I am a big fan of The Adams Family so it is a nice fit. So many good names but this one stood out to me. Thanks to everyone that participated. Much more fun stuff to come. – Chester Moore Read more
The mind-blowing speed of a cheetah (video)
Want an up-close look at the mind-blowing speed of a cheetah? A relative of a friend captured at the Mukini Big 5 Safari near Victoria Falls, Zambi. Watch and enjoy! Chester Moore, Jr Source: Kingdom Zoo Read more