USA: First in World in Gun Ownership – Not Even in Top 100 Countries for Murder Rate
After any mass murder, liberals and foreigners are quick to condemn the “American Gun Culture” for a criminals choice to do evil.  Blaming inanimate objects is nothing new in the gun control debate, and these accusations are often accompanied by hand picked statistics totals on “gun violence” while ignoring... Read more
Bullseye Challenge Target [VIDEO]
Challenge Targets makes a great “Bullseye” target for .22 shooters: Read more
Master Archer Lars Andersen – Myth Busted? [VIDEO]
A few weeks ago another video of Lars Andersen’s impressive shooting went viral.  And I’ll admit, even if his video is heavily edited his skills are downright impressive.  If he can do that on a consistent basis you can bet he’d be making a mountain of cash exhibition shooting. However,... Read more
RSR Ready Ship Target Review (with discount code!)
If you have a personal shooting range, I’ve found the perfect steel target for you.  While some silhouette targets cost over $400 the RSR Steel Ready-Ship-Target (RST) ships to your door for $165.  I’ve put thousands on rounds on this target and it looks like it’s going to hold... Read more
How to Throw Knives [VIDEO]
Earlier we covered throwing tomahawks, and even special forces shovels.  And now here is how I teach the kids at camp how to throw knives: Get the knives we use at Marksman Camp here. Read more
SHOT Show Finds
These are a few of the unique finds of the day.  AR stocks that hold extra mags, as well as ones that hold a pistol.  AR grips that pivot somewhat for ergonomics in certain situations, the Desert Tactical MDR that we won’t see for at least another year, and... Read more
SHOT Show Updates
Integrated suppressed shotguns, a LaRue Tactical precision bolt action rifle, CZ Scorpion, and more. Read more
SHOT Show Media Day