How to Throw Knives [VIDEO]
Earlier we covered throwing tomahawks, and even special forces shovels.  And now here is how I teach the kids at camp how to throw knives: Get the knives we use at Marksman Camp here. Read more
SHOT Show Finds
These are a few of the unique finds of the day.  AR stocks that hold extra mags, as well as ones that hold a pistol.  AR grips that pivot somewhat for ergonomics in certain situations, the Desert Tactical MDR that we won’t see for at least another year, and... Read more
SHOT Show Updates
Integrated suppressed shotguns, a LaRue Tactical precision bolt action rifle, CZ Scorpion, and more. Read more
SHOT Show Media Day
Do Steel Targets Ricochet? [VIDEO]
Steel is one of my favorite targets.  But you do have to use the correct type of armored steel like this Ready Ship Target from RSR Steel.  To demonstrate the spalling effect that bullets have on steel we shot it over a pond.  Enjoy! Read more
Magpul’s New 60 Round Drum Mag! [VIDEO]
Magpul just released news of thier new 60 round drum mag. The D60 sound all pros and no cons: Loading Lever Speed loader capable (such as stripper clips) Loads into AR on closed bolt Holds bolt open on empty Capacity view window Easy disassembly for cleaning Multi weapon capability MSRP... Read more
Full Auto 9mm M16 Brass Chunker! [VIDEO]
Playing around with a pre86, registered (infringement), fully automatic M16 lower this weekend joined with a mostly X-Products 9mm upper we captured this awesome footage of the brass ejecting.  It so cool it’s easy to think it is computer generated.  Enjoy: Read more
Lionheart LH9 Pistol
The Lionheart LH9 pistol is another best kept good gun secret.  In fact I think it’s a pretty great pistol.  It’s very solid, well built, simple, super reliable and plenty accurate.  It’s hard to break into the firearms industry if you aren’t a polymer framed, striker fired pistol boasting... Read more