Ammo Factory for Your Garage! [VIDEO]
I took this video of the Ammo Load Worldwide Mark X Pistol Ammunition Loader at SHOT Show 2014 and it’s just too cool not to share again.  This 9 station press can load up to 5,000 rounds an hour, and can be yours for just $40,000!  The Rifle version... Read more
Youth Marksmanship Camp [VIDEO]
My Marksmanship Camp was featured in the July 2014 issue of Texas Fish and Game Magazine and now that the fall season has begun I thought I’d share a short video of a few things we did this past weekend: Activities include archery, tomahawks, blowguns, knife, shovel and rock throwing,... Read more
Tachyon GunCam Review
Competitive shooters and firearm students know the value of recording their training and matches.  Watching yourself shoot is a great way to see what you did wrong, what you did right, and what you need to work on before the next match. For years I’ve used a GoPro because that... Read more
Toy Guns Before Political Correctness (pics)
These ads are awesome.  And notice the lack of orange safety tips as well. (Click to enlarge) Read more
You Might Be a Gun Guy if: (Part 2)
The gun shop yells “NORM!” when you enter. The gun shop owners know your kids. You ideal cologne is Hoppes #9. You’re biggest fear is when you die your wife will sell your guns for what you told her you paid for them. You have more guns than your... Read more
You Might Be a Gun Guy if: (Part 1)
Feel free to add any to in comments below! Flying freaks you out, because you know you’ll test positive for GSR (if that’s what they are swabbing for), find a magazine or cartridges in your bag, or maybe the Ruger LCP you misplaced. At a traffic stop, the officer asks... Read more
Prairie Dog Explosion [WARNING – GRAPHIC]
I’m sure it’s controversial, but prairie dog shooting looks like an awesomely fun challenge.  Shooting ground rats out to crazy distances looks like a great test of marksmanship. I watched in jealousy while a few of my friends took part in an industry shoot this past week.  I stole this... Read more
Politically Incorrect School Activity [video]
Of course it wouldn’t be in the USA.  Here we teach pansy activities like how to stack cups, but meanwhile, in Russia: Read more