STAR Tournament Rules
Your Membership Card should show “2014 Texas STAR Entrant” in order for you to be eligible to fish the STAR Tournament. If your membership in CCA expires during the tournament, your STAR Tournament entry will become invalid! You do not have to have your card to fish, weigh-in or... Read more
Massive school of anchovies looks like oil slick
Appearance of baitfish near shore off La Jolla amazes marine experts, who can’t recall seeing such a sight in more than 30 years From a distance, the ocean near Scripps Pier off La Jolla, California, appeared to be the site of a catastrophic oil spill on Tuesday. Initially, Robert... Read more
Why the U.S. Gov’t Is Buying Heavy-Duty Water Guns
The federal government is requesting six water guns for one of its endeavors against invasive carp species, but they’re not the plastic toy kind. According to a presolicitation, the U.S. Geological Survey is looking for water guns that weigh hundreds of pounds and run on compressed air, nitrogen or... Read more
Only in California: A Choice Between Pot and Protecting Endangered Fish?
The battle over water usage in California has traditionally been between the Delta Smelt and Central Valley farmers, who grow more than 230 varieties of food crops. But in the “Emerald Triangle” of Northern California, there’s a new battle brewing: Between endangered Salmon… and marijuana growers. CNBC reports: Although... Read more
Politician in Virginia Posts Shocking Offer Involving Nude Photos of Texas Cheerleader Who Loves to Hunt
Mike Dickinson is a self-described liberal Democrat in the state of Virginia. He is also a flamboyant character with a history of making inflammatory comments and posting insulting messages. And now a few of Dickinson’s recent tweets about a young cheerleader show just why he’s a controversial figure. What... Read more
Deer Foaming From Mouth Attacks Woman
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The deer that attacked a woman in Westmoreland County has tested positive for rabies, according the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Rachel McGough is the manager at the Sherwin Williams paint store in East Huntingdon Township. She noticed the doe Tuesday morning as she was about to open... Read more
Night Vision on the Cheap
Chad Ferguson I stood in the “man cave” at my friend’s home one hot August afternoon as he pulled cases and pouches out of gun safes. The room held more weapons and high tech hunting gadgetry than most small town police stations in Texas. My .300 Blackout rifle lay... Read more
1976 Mercedes-Benz 406 Unimog
When it comes to cars 30 years and older, it’s tough to find them in great shape. Which is part of what makes this 1976 Mercedes-Benz 406 Unimog so appealing. Formerly used as an aircraft tug by the German Army, it spent its active duty garaged inside hangars, preserving... Read more