Matthew McConaughey’s Texas hunting ranch draws fire
PETA is not going to be alright-alright-alright with actor Matthew McConaughey. According to TMZ, animal rights activists are upset that a McConaughey family ranch near Mertzon, Texas allegedly allows hunters to pay for the right to shoot whitetail deer on the property’s high-fenced grounds. A representative for McConaughey told TMZ... Read more
Rare Goblin Shark Caught by Australian Fishermen
The goblin shark is a strong contender for the most bizarre-looking fish in the world, especially with its flabby body, almost-vestigial fins, and characteristic elongated nose. Though goblin sharks are also one of the rarest shark species in existence, fishermen off the eastern coast of Australia found one of the... Read more
“Huge” Droves of Jackrabbits Invade North Dakota Town
The area around Fargo, North Dakota has always been known as a decent area to find jackrabbits, yet residents are now complaining that especially large droves have moved in and seem determined to stay for a while. According to homeowners like Kayla Straabe, the hares are destroying park foliage and... Read more
Bald Eagle Shot at Bayou Meto, Arkansas; Recovery Likely
Humphrey-(Ammoland.com)- – Enforcement officials with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission are looking for a person who shot and wounded a bald eagle Monday on Bayou Meto Wildlife Management Area. The juvenile eagle was quickly taken to a rehabilitator and probably will recover. Rodney Paul of Central Arkansas Raptors... Read more
Extremely Rare Red Fox Sighted in Yosemite
Officials with the National Park Service (NPS) confirmed last month that remote cameras in Yosemite National Park have captured images of a Sierra Nevada red fox, one of the most rare and endangered mammals in North America. Sierra Nevada foxes are so rare that every discovery of these small... Read more
Brazil: Girl dies after being attacked and partly devoured by piranhas during a family holiday
A six-year-old child has died after piranhas stripped the flesh from her legs when she fell into the water from her grandmother’s canoe. The accident happened during a family holiday when the girl toppled into the water in Rio Maicuru in Monte Alegre. According to family reports, Adrila Muniz... Read more
Citizen’s Park Ranger Academy Scheduled for April
Learn the Inner Workings of Cleburne and Dinosaur Valley State Parks AUSTIN – If you’ve ever wanted to be a park ranger or simply wondered about the inner workings of a Texas state park, then consider enrolling in the Citizen’s Park Ranger Academy offered this spring in North Texas by the... Read more
‘I thought I was going to die': Pipeline worker attacked by cougar, fights off with bare hands  (VIDEO)
EDMONTON — He received 30 stitches, gashes to his face and neck and part of his ear was amputated, but Stephen Campbell still considers himself lucky. On Friday afternoon, the 31-year-old pipeline worker was attacked by a cougar about 90 kilometres south of Grande Prairie. He and some co-workers were clearing... Read more