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Bouncing Bullets (VIDEO)

Bouncing Bullets (VIDEO)

After watching Instructor Zero’s Rebound Shooting video I had to go and try it myself because it looks just like a Top Shot challenge.  So…


Toyota Land Cruiser 70

First released in 1984, the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 was a huge hit — so much so that sales continued well into this century. Now,…

Rubber Bullets aka Ear Plugs

Rubber Bullets aka Ear Plugs

On August 18th we posted a story about a Huffington Post reporter on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri who tweeted a picture of foam ear…


College redfish tourney set

As a part of the week long Inshore Fishing Association Championship taking place in Houma in October, Falgout Canal Marina in Theriot will host the…


Ever heard of the Glock 82?

This is one of the first-ever Glock pistols in existence, possibly even the first with the serial number AA-000. Even before the Glock 17 there…