Coming soon: Pro-gun social media network
For those who are fed up with Facebook and other social media sites, there’s a new community coming to town. Gun District advertises itself as a 100 percent pro-gun social community developed exclusively for firearms and outdoors enthusiasts. Although currently in Beta Phase, the website, managed by Legally Armed... Read more
Bridge City brothers guilty of killing bottlenose dolphin in Cow Bayou (VIDEO)
12 News Two Bridge City brothers have pleaded guilty to federal wildlife violations in the death of a dolphin. According to a news release from U.S. Attorney John M. Bales,  Cory James Moseley, 23, and Cade Ryan Moseley, 18, pleaded guilty to taking a marine mammal in United States... Read more
Tennessee Teacher Breaks State’s 60-year-old Largemouth Bass Record
On Saturday the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency officially recognized Gabe Keen’s 15.2-pound largemouth bass as the new state record. The massive fish shattered a record set by a 14-pound, eight-ounce fish caught by James Barnett all the way back in 1954. Keen, a high school teacher who also coaches... Read more
What the Heck? You Have to See the Photos of the Bizarre Fish Caught in Australia to Believe It
Gary Warrick has worked as a commercial fisherman in southern Australia for 30 years, but never has he encountered anything quite like this. While fishing in Lake Bonney on Monday, Warrick landed a bizarre fish that appeared to have two — yes, two — mouths. The two mouths are on... Read more
Did This Skier Just Pass a Mountain Lion? (VIDEO)
A video recently put up on YouTube had wildlife experts perplexed, and later rolling their eyes. In the video, a skier blows past what appears to be unusually calm mountain lion. This is strange not only because mountain lions rarely venture out to places such as ski resorts, but also... Read more
3 Targets At 400 Yards In 4.4 Seconds! (VIDEO)
Anybody can hit a target at 400 off of a bench- so Jerry mixes it up by picking his up and shooting 3 targets off-hand at 400 yards in under 4.4 seconds! Source: Bearing Arms Read more
Fearless Russians Test Out Bulletproof Helmet While Wearing It (VIDEO)
Can a Russian K6-3 helmet stop a bullet? Well these Russians decided to test the helmet’s bullet resistance while wearing it! It appears the gun being used is a Nagant revolver, which fires the 7.62×38mmR cartridge. The 7.62×38mmR round creates about 250 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle, so for us Americans that would... Read more
Bear Gets Drive-through Service (VIDEO)
It is never a good idea to feed wild bears. We’re not entirely sure where or when this video was filmed, but it seems to show a man feeding pieces of meat to a massive bruin—which can’t help but stick its paw through the window in attempt to get... Read more