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SCOTTeVEST Brad Thor Alpha Jacket (VIDEO)

Check out the review of the SCOTTeVest Alpha Jacket from our friends over at The Firearms Blog: After several months of being sold out, SCOTTeVEST…


Shooting an Over-lubricated Gun (VIDEO)

Is there such a thing as too much oil on a gun? Larry Vickers puts the myth of over-lubrication to the test at Gunsite Academy in Arizona….


The Decline of 10 Guage & 16-Gauge Shotgun

Americans have no qualms with purchasing an assortment of specialized firearms. In terms of rifles, what gun safe is complete without a rimfire, a bolt-action…

Ever Wonder How Strong Bears Are? (VIDEO)

Ever Wonder How Strong Bears Are? (VIDEO)

There’s little doubt in anybody’s mind that bears are powerful creatures. The largest land predator in North America, bears can move around objects weighing several…