Whitehouse Proposes Wilderness Protections for Oil-rich Alaskan Coast
This week, President Barack Obama’s administration announced that the Department of the Interior has released a new conservation plan for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) that will designate more than 12 million acres as wilderness, including the oil-rich coastal plain. The announcement has set off a firestorm of debate, especially... Read more
North Carolina Man Kills 707 Pound Feral Hog During Hunting Trip (VIDEO)
TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY, NC – A man just shot his way into the record books after bagging a 707 pound wild hog while hunting in Transylvania County, North Carolina. Bruce Florence and his son Jonathan were on a hunting trip when they came across the massive beast. “He looked more... Read more
LSU researcher attempts to combat feral hogs
To combat Louisiana’s feral hog problem, one University researcher looked for a sweeter answer — gummy bears. AgCenter animal science researcher Glen Gentry found the hogs took a special liking to the candy, but the gummy bears did not react well with the sodium nitrite added used to poison... Read more
Transparent Glock Magazines by ETS
With the news of Magpul’s Glock magazines, the Elite Tactical Systems Group magazines got drowned out. ETS is making transparent polymer Glock Magazines. They are expected to be released in April and they are making different size magazines for 9mm. Unlike the Magpul magazines, the ETS mags will be compatible with any aftermarket... Read more
West Texas game wardens search for antelope poacher
Information leading to an arrest can be rewarded with up to $1,000 Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens are asking for the public’s help in locating an antelope poacher. A pronghorn antelope was shot illegally on the Texas Highway 652 in Culberson County around Jan. 17. Even though the... Read more
Lantac Titanium EBCG Prototype Stolen At SHOT Show
Lantac USA posted this up earlier today on their Facebook Page: Lantac USA is sad to have to make this post A one off Titanium EBCG LanTac Carrier, the only one in existence was stolen from our booth during show hours! It doesn’t get much lower thank that. The Ti EBCG is the LanTac Pat Pend... Read more
This Might Be the Best Possible Way to Find Out Your Baby’s a Boy (VIDEO)
The men and women of the outdoors always find creative ways to work their passions into their daily lives. In the video below, a couple finds out the sex of their soon-to-be third child in a very unique way. It involves an exploding target, some blue-colored chalk, and an AR-15. It’s... Read more
Stunning blue hue as algae lights up Hong Kong harbor
Hong Kong (CNN)The stunning photo shows a shimmering blue shoreline with the bright lights of Hong Kong in the distance. The fluorescent blue glow is natural lighting powered by an algae bloom of Noctiluca scintillans, commonly known as “Sea Sparkle.” The non-toxic phytoplankton is not considered harmful and is relatively... Read more