Redneck Gatling Gun (VIDEO)
I guess that this is what happens when you give a mechanically-included person with a half-dozen SKSs and some machine tools too much free time. I can’t decide if I’m awed, appalled, or a little bit of both. Source: Bearing Arms Read more
G2 R.I.P. 9mm Ammo (VIDEO)
Review, including two test block shots, of the 9mm G2 Research R.I.P. “Radically Invasive Projectile” ammo. Chronographed velocities are from a Glock 19, 4″ barrel. I’m using a calibrated 16″ test block from Clear Ballistics. We personally feel that if you are every attacked by a large block of... Read more
Teen reels in 1,058-pound blue marlin off Hawaii
At 16 years old, Kai Rizzuto may have caught the fish of his life. The teenager was fishing off Kona, Hawaii, on Wednesday when he felt a big tug on the end of the line. The teen grabbed his fishing pole and followed the line out about 100 yards... Read more
Oregon Chub Makes History as First Fish to Escape Endangered Species List
Roughly about a year ago, we reported on a proposal by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to remove the Oregon chub from the federal endangered species list, which would make the tiny minnow the first fish to ever recover after being listed. On Tuesday, the USFWS announced that the fish, which is... Read more
Of pistol barrels and bushy tails: Six great squirrel hunting handguns
Snow is flying, winter is upon us, and many hunting seasons have closed.  But small game is still open, and stands of old maples everywhere are full of barking squirrels.  Lets forgo the age-old shotgun versus rifle debate.  In fact, forget long guns in general.  Whether you spot and... Read more
Frozen Fish? Bassmaster Classic anglers face icy temps
GREENVILLE — Anglers gathering in South Carolina to compete in the Bassmaster Classic are among the people in the South whose lives have been disrupted by the unusual winter weather that has engulfed the region. Fifty-six of the sport’s top fishermen will square off in the series’ Super Bowl.... Read more
River redfish and marsh crappie just two local shockers
Last week my cousin Frank Moore called me as excited as I have ever heard him. “I hung into a bull redfish past Bluebird’s Fish Camp toward Square Lake,” he said. “I was bass fishing with a crankbait and I had him on for a few minutes and got... Read more
Pre-Dynasty: A Before-They-Were-Household-Names Interview with the Duck Commander
Chester Moore “Duck Dynasty” did not exist in January 2006. The ratings juggernaut featuring the Robertson family was not even conceived and you had to be a duck hunter—a hardcore duck hunter—to really know this family. I was one of those hunters and had the honor of spending a... Read more