Of pistol barrels and bushy tails: Six great squirrel hunting handguns
Snow is flying, winter is upon us, and many hunting seasons have closed.  But small game is still open, and stands of old maples everywhere are full of barking squirrels.  Lets forgo the age-old shotgun versus rifle debate.  In fact, forget long guns in general.  Whether you spot and... Read more
Frozen Fish? Bassmaster Classic anglers face icy temps
GREENVILLE — Anglers gathering in South Carolina to compete in the Bassmaster Classic are among the people in the South whose lives have been disrupted by the unusual winter weather that has engulfed the region. Fifty-six of the sport’s top fishermen will square off in the series’ Super Bowl.... Read more
River redfish and marsh crappie just two local shockers
Last week my cousin Frank Moore called me as excited as I have ever heard him. “I hung into a bull redfish past Bluebird’s Fish Camp toward Square Lake,” he said. “I was bass fishing with a crankbait and I had him on for a few minutes and got... Read more
Pre-Dynasty: A Before-They-Were-Household-Names Interview with the Duck Commander
Chester Moore “Duck Dynasty” did not exist in January 2006. The ratings juggernaut featuring the Robertson family was not even conceived and you had to be a duck hunter—a hardcore duck hunter—to really know this family. I was one of those hunters and had the honor of spending a... Read more
Game Warden Field Notes
The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Duck, Duck, Goose A Titus County game warden responded to a trespassing complaint claiming someone was shooting Canada geese and leaving them to waste near Naples in Morris County. The only suspect was a... Read more
Mountain Lion Drags Deer Under Colorado Home, Eats It as Family Watches (VIDEO)
A family in Colorado Springs got a surprise lesson in how nature works last week when they discovered that a mountain lion stowed away under their house’s deck. The family was first warned about the big cat’s presence when a neighbor saw the animal in the area, and as... Read more
Adaptive Tactical rolling out new mag-fed shotgun conversion kits
Adaptive Tactical is in the business of making box magazine-fed shotguns. The idea is straightforward: take a Mossberg 500 — or 590 or Maverick 88 — shotgun, replace the tube with a box magazine adapter, and double your capacity. These kits are offered with five-round magazines which are compact and lightweight, but the draw for most... Read more
Giant Water Bug Drowns Snake (VIDEO)
Giant water bugs may seem like a peaceful insects content to spend their days swimming lazily across ponds, but in truth they are vicious predators. They impale prey using a “rostrum” (a piercing mouth part) and then inject them with venomous saliva. That saliva then partially dissolves a victim’s insides and the... Read more