This is What It’s Like to Get Charged by a Bison (VIDEO)
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get charged by a bison, but never had the willpower to face one of the land beasts down yourself? Well today’s your lucky day, because a man driving through Yellowstone National Park’s Lamar Valley managed to record just such an event... Read more
MASSIVE Crocodile steals catch from unsuspecting fisherman (VIDEO)
This Townsville fisherman didn’t know what hit him when a huge crocodile took the barramundi from the end of his line. Source: Daily Mail Read more
This is Why You Don’t Feed “Park Deer”
These pictures were taken in Nara, Japan, home to a world-famous “deer park.” There are over 1,200 sika deer in the park that roam freely. Visitors can even purchase deer-crackers to feed the cervids. This guy was feeding the deer, but he quickly realized that he made a mistake after... Read more
Ammo Vending Machine Put in Use in Pennsylvania
If you’ve ever been to a public shooting range you might have experienced long lines to check in, buy targets and buy ammo. Well one shooting range in Pennsylvania is taking a more efficient approach to selling the ammo. The Beaver Valley Rifle & Pistol Club has installed a... Read more
Huge Great White shark pulled from the Gulf of Mexico by fishermen
A team of specialty anglers pulled a rare find from the Gulf of Mexico: a Great White Shark, the largest predatory fish on Earth. The shark fishers reeled in their catch from shore near Panama Beach, Florida. After reeling in, tagging and releasing the nine-foot eight-inch shark, the members... Read more
Texas Game Warden Association to host fishing tournament
When it comes to fishing, reeling in a big ol’ catfish isn’t a bad thing. The third annual Whiskers & Reds fishing tournament is set to kick-off March 12 with a weekend of events for beginner and experienced fishers. But, the tournament hosted by the Texas Game Warden Association,... Read more
Lubbock Senator Proposes Changes to Regulation of Gun Silencers
LUBBOCK, TX — State Senator Charles Perry of Lubbock said Monday evening he will propose legislation to protect lawful owners of gun silencers from conflicting legislation. Senate Bill 473 was filed on February 6 and gained a co-author on February 25. It says, “A person commits an offense if... Read more
Video Captures Two of Australia’s Most Venomous Creatures Face Off
Video posted online Sunday shows two of Australia’s most venomous creatures face off in a homeowner’s garage. Farmer Neale Postlethwaite captured the incredible footage that shows the moments after a redback spider “hurled” an eastern brown snake off the ground and into its web. “It’s just mind-boggling,” he told Mail Online.... Read more