The gut-wrenching moment a crocodile burst from the sea to snatch a turtle by the head
This is the gut-wrenching moment a crocodile burst from the sea to snatch an unlucky turtle by the head as it ventured back into the water. The huge reptile emerged from the waves to clamp its fearsome jaws around the slow-moving amphibian on the sand. Photographer Alejandro Prieto captured... Read more
D.C. Tries to Reinstate Overturned Handgun Ban
The District of Columbia asked a federal judge Monday to reconsider his July ruling that overturned D.C.’s ban on possessing handguns in public. U.S. District Judge Frederick Scullin Jr. “failed to conduct the analysis required by controlling law, and relied on flawed, non-controlling decisions from other jurisdictions” when he... Read more
Young Crossbow Hunter Bags Two Feral Hogs with One Shot
While hunting in Langley Ranch in Centerville, Texas, Marcus of Hunting with Marcus and Chris managed to land a lethal shot on two hogs. Two-for-one shots are always unique and exhilarating—akin to a feat of athletic prowess—but sportsmen and women are careful to make sure it is an ethical... Read more
Army Corps of Engineers acts to protect new wildlife habitat in Dallas
FORT WORTH, Texas – In the last decade the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has transformed a dump and old golf course in the Trinity River bottomland into new wildlife habit within eyeshot of downtown Dallas skyscrapers. Now it’s time to protect this urban jewel, which has attracted a... Read more
Bouncing Bullets (VIDEO)
After watching Instructor Zero’s Rebound Shooting video I had to go and try it myself because it looks just like a Top Shot challenge.  So what I’m doing here is firing my pistol at a steel plate on the ground, the bullet is then rebounding/ricocheting into the targets.  I... Read more
Toyota Land Cruiser 70
First released in 1984, the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 was a huge hit — so much so that sales continued well into this century. Now, in response to consumer demand — and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this iconic model — Toyota is re-releasing it for roughly a... Read more
Unique Collaboration Reveals Dinosaurs Once Roamed San Antonio
SAN ANTONIO – Texas Parks & Wildlife and the Witte Museum have formed a new partnership to document and research the only known dinosaur footprints on public land in Bexar County. The 110-million-year-old tracks are located within Government Canyon State Natural Area and are believed to have been left... Read more
Rubber Bullets aka Ear Plugs
On August 18th we posted a story about a Huffington Post reporter on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri who tweeted a picture of foam ear plugs believing them to be rubber bullets.  Matt, over at Demolition Ranch, put the “rubber bullet” earplugs to the test.  Check out the hilarious... Read more