If you have a tunnel boat or a powercat, you may have a tough time getting your fishfinder’s transom mount transducer to work up to its full potential. In fact, due to the quirky water flow these types of boats produce, transducer placement will have a huge impact on... Read more
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Surely by now you’ve encountered an ethanol problem or two. Maybe your lawnmower has become finicky, your chainsaw never seems to run right or – horrors – your outboard’s carburator seems to continually become gummed up and fouled. We briefly mentioned in Duck Boat Blues and Outboard Motor Maintenance how to... Read more
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I spent several days last week in Virginia at Norfolk Marine, filming outboard engine how-to videos with a Yamaha Marine Master Tech. The Yamaha Master Techs are cream of the crop mechanics, and there are only four or five dozen of them in the entire country. I’d hoped to learn a... Read more
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