Joystick Control, for Outboard Boats?
Why not? We’ve become used to seeing joysticks in pod drive applications on boats in the 30-foot-plus range, and anyone who’s used these systems knows they make docking a breeze. But on an outboard boat, joysticks are a relatively new application. During the past year I’ve had the chance... Read more
Your Boat is Sinking? Remember These Three Things!
There’s nothing we boaters fear more than sinking. Fortunately, most of us will never be forced into dealing with such a situation. That said, it’s imperative you know how to react, if you ever find yourself standing on a deck that’s under water and getting deeper by the moment.... Read more
The Triple Outboard Engine Craze – Is it Crazy?
The knee-jerk reaction to this question is, invariably, yes – putting triple outboards on the transom of your boat surely seems nuts. But almost everyone follows up this admission by laughing and then pointing out that they love running or riding on one of these super-juiced fishing machines. More... Read more
Handling Rough Seas in a Small Boat
No matter how carefully you plan, how cautious you are, or how fast your boat is, sooner or later you’ll get caught in rough seas. And how you handle your boat – your seamanship skills – will make the difference between getting home safely, taking a beating, and maybe worse.... Read more
Adding Rail-Mount Rodholders? Read these 5 Tips First!
Rail-mount rodholders are a great addition for many fishing boats, but if you haven’t lived with them for extended periods of time, you may not be aware of certain quirks they have. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add rod holders to your boat, by... Read more
Building a Better Fishing Boat: Check Out This Tower
You want a better fishing boat? Of course you do – there’s no such thing as the “perfect” boat, and no matter which you choose there will be days when you wish it were different somehow. There’s one way, however, that many bay boats could be built better: if... Read more
Next-Generation Fishing Boats: SUP and Fish?
  Yes yes, I know, this looks like a glorified surf-board. And it basically is. The SUP, or “Stand-up Paddleboard,” may not look like much, but it’s becoming a popular fishing platform. Now, there are versions with everything from seats to livewells to rodholders. While SUP boards started out... Read more
Propeller Basics: Are you SURE you’re Spinning the Right Blades?
You want to dramatically change the way your boat performs? The easiest way to do so is to change the propeller. Your prop has an effect on time to plane, cruising speed, top-end speed, and efficiency. And chances are, there’s room for improvement. Why? Because most people simply accept... Read more