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Texas Ibex GlockOut

Ted Nugent The spectacular view from atop the jagged, silver cliffs of the Greenwood Valley Ranch was spine tingling and breathtaking to say the least….


So, You Wanna Be a Bowhunter Do Ya?

“Be a two season hunter” was the battle cry of Fred Bear and the growing handful of archery hunting enthusiasts back in the roaring 60s….


More Is Better

Much to my abject joy, and dare I say utter surprise, my arrow once again sailed squarely into the lovely crease on the unsuspecting herbivore…


Stagzilla, the Fallow Buck

More and more lately, we must all admit that the whole world sucks, and though, tragically, we are catching up quickly, America still sucks less….


The Czar of Phony

It is very difficult to ignore accusations of phony from the master of all things phony who has dedicated his entire life to one phony…


Beauty and the Beasts

That stunning last light of the day, when the beautiful ball of golden fire barely dips beneath the western horizon, its final glow burning that…