I have spent my amazing 64.5 year American Dream life one way or another sharing and promoting my love for independence and readiness with everyone everywhere in my public and private life, emphasizing the critical instinctual mindset to survive and be prepared. When one is properly prepared for life’s... Read more
If most of America’s media were fire fighters, they would all be burned to death for refusing to aggressively fight the roaring blaze in front of them. Instead, the media has willfully and intentionally ignored the conflagration known as Benghazi. Hardcore investigative journalism like the 40 year-ago media pitbull tag-team of Woodward and... Read more
I am offended by those who are offended. Well, not actually offended, more like embarrassed for them and their soulless pettiness. America is a country bursting at the seams with individuals, special interest groups, and others actively scanning the environment and looking for ridiculous ways to be offended and then... Read more
I raced off stage in Tampa after throttling my 6511th high energy rockout, mopped up as much dripping sweat as I could, changed into dry clothes, grabbed a Gator Ade and a sack of food, hung onto my gorgeous wife Shemane and headed to the airport lickity split. We... Read more
A huge Nuge congratulation is in order to all the 2013 college and high school graduates across the land. You should be very proud of yourselves for a job well done. More important than well deserved congratulations is my Uncle Ted Rock Solid proven advice to the millions of... Read more
President Lincoln once remarked that, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” While America faces a dangerous tsunami of crushing and accelerating debt that at its current pace will most assuredly destroy or at least radically... Read more
The reason both republican and democrat senators defeated the gun background check legislation scam that President Obama tried to jam down America’s throat is because the legislation was unreasonable and would not protect Americans from bug-eyed lunatics and recidivist street rats. Period. Another very powerful reason why so many gun owners exercised our first Amendment rights... Read more
If the bombing, killings and maiming of Bostonians by the two voodoo whackjob jihadists in Boston isn’t maddening enough, the next tsunami of insults should drive any American addicted to common sense crazy. The jihadist punk in custody is obviously guilty of committing murder, terrorist acts and a whole... Read more