The giant beast remained in the shadows of the impenetrable cedar thickets for a long, long time. The prettiest, and dare I say, deadliest bowhunter in America was poised to kill nearby, and displayed the patience and stealth that identifies experienced, dedicated bowhunters everywhere. Eventually the huge bull Scimitar... Read more
One should be careful to dare draw parallels or analogies to Nazis, as the Nazis raised the evil bar to unspeakable heights in terms of human savagery and genocide. However, every so often a story so savage, so cold, so sickening and so brutal comes along that the only... Read more
So goes the old adage that if you place a frog in a pot of cold water and slowly turn up the heat, the frog, too stupid to feel the increasing danger, will sit in the pot and be boiled to death without jumping out to save itself. Sadly, the... Read more
Every so often some numbskull beats the politically correct war drum protesting the names of sports teams. The terminally disconnected claim the names of the some teams and their mascots are insensitive, even offensive to Native Americans.  Classic names like the Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Blackhawks.... Read more
Kid Rock called and asked if I would teach him to bowhunt. He said Jerry Lee Lewis had taught him how to rock the piano, so he would accept only the masters to light his way. Who’s he gonna call? Tom Petty? Game on! As one of the world’s... Read more
In the past few weeks, the Nugent family hosted film crews from China, Russia, the Australian 60 Minutes TV show, and of course NRA News and others at our beautiful home SpiritWild Ranch in Texas. In the escalating insanity of the embarrassing politically correct culture war, everybody craves the... Read more
To know the culture war is raging and that gun rights are the tip of the spear, you need to look nom further than what happened to the Moore family that lives in Carneys Point, New Jersey. Shawn Moore, the father of a good son doing good things, posted... Read more
If you are addicted to common sense and logic, South Dakota should bring a smile to your face. These sensible Americans just passed a law allowing teachers to carry weapons in school as a means to protect their students from terminal psychos hell-bent on committing mass murder. This is good and... Read more