The jury is not still out on whether or not young Ted was uppity beyond compare. My youthful energy level was measured in ballistic Richter Scale increments. The term “whirling dervish” was created in an attempt to explain my indefatigable life’s velocity. I didn’t have ADD, I had GSFS,... Read more
If you ever want to go to a real gun and knife show, just ask me to open my coat. My middle initail is “A” and it stands for Artillery.  Know this:  I don’t reload ammunition.  I unload it—pallets of it.  Facilitating brass rainbows is one of my special operations... Read more
My all American sonic bombast weapon of choice for fifty years has been those world class pieces or musical art, the mighty Gibson guitar. I own a stunning arsenal of them.  It wouldn’t surprise me if some Fedzillastooge from Attorney General Holder’s Department of Gunrunning Bainwasher Injustice will try and tell... Read more
Tribe Nuge pulled into the little clearing on the banks of the mighty Titabawasee River in the spectacular wilds of Northern Michigan. Our 1958 Ford stationwagon was loaded down with all the basic camping gear and archery equipment. We all eagerly pitched in to set up the old log... Read more
When it comes to guns, there is plenty of spin in Bill O’Reilly’s “No Spin Zone.”  The No Spin Zone has been infected with a bad case of yellow journalism. O’Reilly is either woefully ignorant of the most basic of firearm laws, nomenclature, rules and requirements, or he has... Read more
In addition to the pain and anguish the psychotic killer intentionally caused at the theater in Colorado, our embarrassing American system injustice will cause even more pain on the victims and Colorado taxpayers. The psycho killer will most likely live until he dies of natural causes in various mental... Read more
Leave it to the anti-freedom goons at the United Nations to put forth a treaty to restrict access to guns. The United Nations is flea-infested, hygiene challenged hellhole of soulless despots, tyrants, anti-freedom, human-rights violating global gangbangers who wish to shore up their power by having the United Nations... Read more
Through my rifle’s optics I watched the 14″ steel plate topple over 1000 yards away. A broad grin of satisfaction grew upon my face. It would stay there all day. After touching off literally hundreds of thousands of rounds over my lifetime of dedicate aim small miss small marksmanship... Read more