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42 1/2 Inch Northern

Brothers Blake and Jack caught this 42 1/2 inch Northern on Savant Lake, Ontario, Canada.


1st Sun Perch

+1   First sun perch of many on the day by 6 years old angler Bailey Smith out of Franks Marina on Lake Belton.


Texas 10 LB beauty!

Britnie Perthuis and My first big bass, an East Texas BEAUTY! Caught this 10 pounder at Lake Pinkston in Center, Texas at about 11:30 PM…


Austin’s 1st Red

We were fishing in Turtle Bay outside of Palacios, Tx. Austin hooked his first Red and a 6’+ shark also wanted a piece of him….


22lb striper

Caught this 22lb striper while prefishing on texoma


8.0lbs Lake Belton

Caught this beauty just at dusk on June 3rd on Lake Belton. Hadn’t had much luck all day but something still felt right. I had…


Biggest catch of my life

Huge 125 pound Alligator Gar caught on the carancahua river TX on a fishing pole!