Kimble County Axis
Connor Talbott’s first Axis Read more
First Bow buck 122″
Shot my first bow buck on the 12th. It is also my best buck to date at 122″. Shot with a Diamond Outlaw bow in Coke County. Read more
Big Red
43in red at the san leon gas wells Read more
Roel Vela Whitetail 250 1/8 class Buck Taken in Hidalgo Co. Texas Method used Tenpoint Crossbow 10-2-2014 Read more
Big Redfish
15 yr old Eden Avendano caught and released this 42 inch Redfish while fishing at the Jettys in Freeport Texas Read more
Lonestar Whitetail Ranch  B&C 169
Sara Eaton shot this white tail buck in Charlotte, Texas. December 2011 Read more
Black drum  40″
Caught him in Sargent , tx in a canal with my bass pole. A pinnacle p100s with 7.0:1 about a 45 min fight !   Read more
Hooked on Daddy
Hello, Pictured is my two year old daughter with a 24” Redfish we caught off our dock on the Nueces bay in Corpus Christi, TX… the fish was CPR. This isn’t the first time we’ve submitted our families fishing photos… my wife and I made into the magazine in... Read more