First redfish!
Fishing in Rockport on Thanksgiving Day 2014. William’s (5) first redfish caught in Rockport, TX. Even though it was undersize and had to throw it back – he was thrilled! Read more
Natural 10 point with a 100 yard shot with a 30 30 short barrel iron sited
Short barrel 3030 with iron site dropped this dear on the spot. The site covered the whole body so i just got very lucky with this big buck. Read more
Two Buck one hunt
Rattled them in one after the other… Joe Serawan Edinburg Texas Read more
Once of a Lifetime Fish Caught in The River
Garrett Hollon caught this big boy on the second cast of a cold morning in November on the Colorado River. It measured 28 inches and weighed right at 8lbs. Read more
Huckleberry Finn’s 1st Duck Hunt
My 6 month old Labrador’s 1st Duck hunt out of Port Aransas TX. Saturday, November 8th 2014. Read more
Hayden Reitze’s first deer
Hayden Reitze, 12, of The Woodlands, shot his first deer at the family ranch in Fayette County. His dad, Eddie Reitze was his guide. Read more
Blue Birdon Barrel
Hunting in Cherokee County Texas in a box stand and not seeing any deer movement. Had plenty of birds especially blue birds. They were landing on the roof of my stand. Then one landed on my barrel. I thought how cool that would be to get a picture of... Read more
Kansas Brute!
My 14 year old son Chase Denison took this Kansas buck on 11/27/14 with his bow at the family farm hunting solo. He made a perfect 20 yard shot with a 60 yard recovery. Read more