45 inch Red
  45 inch Redfish, caught and released in Port Oconnor. +4 Read more
  I was all packed and headed toward the beach. Got my rods out and waited. it took about 15 minutes for the first bull red to hit. While scrambling for a quick catch and release, I found that I forgot my camera tripod. Not wanting to miss a... Read more
Tagged Red
Derrick Crumley caught this 34″ red fish while fishing with his Dad and Grandpa in Port O’Connor. 0 Read more
Tx Grouper
Fishing a wreck out of Packery channel, Corpus Christi Tx 0 Read more
34″ trout landed on kayak
I caught these beauty of 34 ” trout on 01/06/2016. It was on kayak which was a great life time experince. The place was lower laguna madre. Caught it on a soft plastic from k-wigglers. On a light action 6’6 tfonrod with 3000 stradic reel + . These was... Read more
Personal Best 44″ Bull Red
I caught and released this beautiful 44″ Bull Red last March and it jumped right up to my personal best bull red yet! I was fishing my favorite spot in Port O’Connor, TX last March. On board with me was my great friend and sidekick Mario Gallardo of Gozales,Tx,... Read more
Big Drum
Caught this 40 in. Black drum on cut mullet in the flats out of Port Aransas. Took 30 minutes to real in. That’s one fight I will never forget. 0 Read more
Big Bull Red
Monster 41 and 1/2 inch bull red I caught surf fishing at McFadden Beach. 0 Read more