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Sea Changes

Chester Moore Every year a number of key outdoor issues hits the state of Texas, sometimes in the form of government actions, other times via…

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Black bear attacks on the rise? (pt. 2)

The last post touched on a rise of black bear attacks throughout North America. The article featured some questionable statistics on black bear population growth…

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Black bear attacks on the rise?

The Mansfield News Journal has an interesting article up about the rise of black bear attacks across the United States. In the last two decades,…

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So, who loves owls?

Owls are my very favorite bird. Since I saw a massive great-horned owl fly right over my head on a narrow wooded trail they have…

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One in a million hawk photo

This is the coolest wildlife photo I have ever taken. It is a red-tailed hawk carrying an endangered Texas kangaroo rat in one talon and…