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Red wolf-like animals still in Texas?

Canis rufus, the red wolf, is the wolf species indigenous to the Southern United States. Once found from Central Texas to the eastern seaboard and…


“Ten second rule”

Capt. Paul Marcaccio (www.gofishgalveston.com) says if you can successfully catch flounder on hook and line, you have bragging rights and should consider yourself an expert….


The Only Way to Cook Gator

Just some humor for your Tuesday afternoon.  Chicken stuffed gator?  Everyone knows everything is better with bacon.

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What to Look For in a Livewell

Different fishing boats have different livewells, and all are not created equally. For a live-bait angler, this can be huge. So, prior to actual on-the-water…

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The child and the viper

As someone who dearly loves the Creation, one of the most inspiring passages in the Bible comes in Isaiah 11 when the author prophesies what…

“Carthwheeling” spider found

“Carthwheeling” spider found

A new spider species has been discovered in Morocco that essentially does cartwheels From the Weird & Wild blog… Its gymnastics aren’t the only thing…