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With Friends Like These…

Kendal Hemphill At the Dallas Safari Club’s annual convention in January, a special auction was held to help bring the black rhino back from the…


Bare Bones Hunting

Lou Marullo Hog hunting is not an easy task. Sure, the younger ones can be easy to bag around corn feeders but if you shoot…


Chasing Rainbows

Doug Pike For many winters now, the state of Texas has stocked a few hundred thousand bite-sized rainbow trout in urban and suburban ponds. They’re…


Texas Ibex GlockOut

Ted Nugent The spectacular view from atop the jagged, silver cliffs of the Greenwood Valley Ranch was spine tingling and breathtaking to say the least….


Applying for Permit

Joe Doggett Being the nice guy that I am, I insisted that Dave Hayward take the first 30-minute shift on the casting platform of the…


Oh, You Didn’t Know?

Calixto Gonzales One really neat thing about moving from teaching high school to middle school is how much the students marvel at the little bits…


Time to be a Texan

Chester Moore Some 22 years ago, when I graduated high school, I considered myself an environmentalist. I was concerned about the destruction of wildlife habitat,…