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Deal With It

Calixto Gonzales Something that I had to learn early on was that there are some realities that are immutable, and the sooner I learned to…


No Complaints

Kendal Hemphill As I looked down at the sack of corn, lying busted on the ground, I thought, “Zaidle would’ve gotten a kick out of…


Seller’s Remorse

Joe Doggett Well, I sold my big gun. Following one great hunt, the bolt-action rifle rested unfired in my gun safe for seven years. I…


It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Lou Marullo Well it is hard to believe, but another season has passed us by. I am not talking about autumn, but another deer season….

Texas Saltwater

Resolution The last two years have been rough on me. At no time was I more reminded of my mortality than during the stretch from…

Pike on the Edge

Pulling the Plug It wasn’t until November that I realized how dependent we all are on electronic communication. More important, I also realized that even…

Ted’s TexasWild

Most Mystical Flight of the Arrow Skunked! And skunked again! I think this was my 15th or 16th day of nothing. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Backstrapless….

Hunt Texas

Shedding Some Light I found my first shed deer antler when I was a youngster slipping up behind a stock tank dam on my grandparents’ dairy…