Get the lead out …
TF&G – Banning traditional fishing tackle in California will \ A report released on Monday by the California Coastal Conservation Association and the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) demonstrates that banning traditional fishing tackle will have a negative impact on fishing participation, which generates millions of dollars for fisheries conservation... Read more
Boat Trailers: Bunks versus Rollers
Some guys believe bunks are best on boat trailer, while others think rollers are better. Who’s right? As usual, it depends. When deciding between bunks and rollers for your boat trailer, keep the following things in mind: – Rollers make it easier to slide the hull onto and off... Read more
Recalls again bedevil a range of brands and models
Seems like it’s that time again.  Numerous vehicle manufacturers are recalling vehicles — many late model varieties — due to problems.  Some are familiar with expanded coverage, while others are new. Acura/Honda — Honda this week announced a global recall for some vehicles for a defect in the radar... Read more
App for reporting Red Snapper catches
TPWD needs your help to make sure that Texas gets its share of red snapper. A new free app makes reporting even easier. Download the app now at www.iSnapper.org. You can also report your catch online at www.iSnapperonline.org. How to Report: At the end of each day’s trip or... Read more
Fishing for alligator gar in portions of the Trinity River prohibited
Due to flooding conditions on the Trinity River, fishing for alligator gar in portions of the river between the Highway 31 Bridge near Trinidad and the Highway 7 Bridge near Crockett is temporarily prohibited. TPWD Executive Director Carter Smith issued the emergency order on Tuesday, May 12, to temporarily... Read more
Three New Fishing Boats for Under $15,000
It’s hard (as in, impossible) to logically justify spending big bucks on a fishing boat. If logic comes into play at all in the decision-making process, you’re doomed. We buy boats because we love them, not because we need them. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find new... Read more
Dog Eats 23 .308 Rounds!
Too crazy not to share!  Gives a new meaning to “ammo dump”. “Benno” the Belgian Malinois has eaten enough strange objects over the course of his four years, you’d think his digestive tract is bulletproof. As it turns out, that’s not quite the case. His owner had to take... Read more
Six remaining weeks on spring Toledo Bend lunker bass season
If you’ve ever dreamed of landing the trophy bass of a lifetime, there’s no better time than the present to make your way to Toledo Bend. Chase Hymel, 30, admittedly had the shakes that afternoon when the final fish of the day turned out to be the largest bass... Read more