BP and five Gulf states announced an $18.7 billion settlement
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — BP and five Gulf states announced an $18.7 billion settlement Thursday that resolves years of legal fighting over the environmental and economic damage done by the energy giant’s oil spill in 2010. The settlement money will be used to resolve the Clean Water Act penalties;... Read more
Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation
B.A.S.S. announced, along with a large coalition of angler groups, the official launch of Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation (BASC), a new intuitive online advocacy system that allows fishing enthusiasts to write, call or tweet their legislators through prewritten engagements online. “Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation is, at its... Read more
Applications for TPWD Drawn Hunts is now open
Applications for Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s Drawn Hunts in more than 35 hunt categories on 95 areas throughout the state is now open. You’ll find affordable opportunities for whitetail, mule deer, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, exotics, turkey, alligator and more. The first application deadlines are August 3. A full... Read more
Shootout in Palestine, This is How Fast it Happens! [VIDEO]
Intense police bodycam footage of a suspect drawing down on 2 police officers in Palestine, TX on May 31, 2015.  (details here) This is how quick a life threatening altercation can happen (viewer discretion is advised): And the partner’s view: I’m impressed how fast the officer drew his sidearm, activated his... Read more
Choosing Your First Defensive Rifle
Lots of folks have asked for my advice on choosing their first semi-auto defensive rifle.  I believe that every responsible, patriotic American should have the tools and training to defend themselves and others.  Here are my tips on choosing that defensive tool that some might foolishly label as an “assault... Read more
MirooNamoo Media Group signs exclusive FLW licensing agreement to run FLW tournaments in South Korea
FLW announced an exclusive licensing agreement with MirooNamoo Media Group from South Korea to begin sanctioning FLW bass-fishing tournaments in the Eastern-Asian country at a contract signing preceding the weigh-in at the Walmart FLW Tour at the Potomac River presented by Ranger Boats. South Korea will run a series... Read more
Get DSC on your VHF – It Could Save your Life
A little while back we talked about the proper way to call the Coast Guard on your VHF radio, and I mentioned then that having DSC active on your VHF is a great help. With DSC, when you call the coasties they automatically know your exact position, the type... Read more
Draft Catfish Management Plan available for review
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s draft catfish management plan is now available for public review and comment. The document details the department’s overall plans for expanding and enhancing the state’s second-most popular fishery. It may be viewed at http://tpwd.texas.gov/publications/nonpwdpubs/media/catfish_plan_draft.pdf . “We invite the public to give us feedback on... Read more