Ford recalls 213,000 vehicles including some Explorers
Earlier this week, Ford Motor Company issued three new safety recalls that might affect a vehicle that you own.  More than 213,000 vehicles are affected, although some are police interceptors and ambulances.  As with all recalls, I encourage you to follow up if your vehicle is on the list. ... Read more
Red snapper quotas … part 2
The recreational Red Snapper season shrank to a record of nine days this past year. Federal fisheries managers point to data showing recreational anglers, who are limited to keeping no more than two red snapper per day, are catching and keeping increasingly larger snapper and reaching their annual poundage... Read more
Texas State High School Bass Fishing Championship 2015
Lake LBJ and Marble Falls, Texas were buzzing with young anglers the weekend of March 20 with the Texas High School Bass Fishing Tournament in full swing. This was the third and final year the Marble Falls/Lake LBJ area to host the tournament. Chase Hux and Matt Nicholas of... Read more
Choosing Your First Handgun
Asking “which gun should I buy?” is about the same as asking “which vehicle should I buy?”  There is no correct answer because it depends on the purpose and preference.  For this post we will stick with handguns and cover rifles later. Purpose For most folks it’s either target shooting... Read more
How to Call the Coast Guard
Calling the Coast Guard is something we only want to do in a true emergency, but when you need ‘em, boy are you glad to see ‘em. I’ve had to make the call only three times in my entire boating career: once back when they would still give recreational... Read more
Redfish crack

Redfish crack

Tom Behrens March 23, 2015 0

“Andy Packmore at Fishing Tackle Unlimited mentioned a fly that reds never refused,” said Scott Null, a fishing guide that specializes in sight fishing for redfish. “I’d heard that line many times and dismissed it. I already had my favorites. Still, any time successful fishing trips came up, Andy... Read more
More recall problems dog Honda and Acura; NHTSA investigates Nissan recall repair
It seems like only yesterday that Honda said its big recall issues were handled. Now, however, there are new difficulties on the horizon and the company has taken out full-page ads in local newspapers (like the Austin American Statesman) to tell owners that their vehicles are subject to a... Read more
The fishing has been good between cold fronts
Capt. Bill Watkins reports that the fishing on Sabine Lake is good between the cold fronts. “This past week we had some really good weather and the trout and reds responded. Not catching any monster trout but a lot of good solid fish. The heavy flow of fresh water... Read more