A sea lion was hungry …
A San Diego man is still recovering more than three weeks after a sea lion leaped seven feet from the water, locked onto his hand holding a yellow-tail fish and yanked him overboard. Dan Carlin, 62, said that his wife had just told him to smile for the photo... Read more
Big changes in lake levels
Statewide estimates from the National Weather Service indicate the first four months of this year have been the fifth wettest since 1895 and the wettest since 1997. So far this year estimates show the state has gotten 11.5 inches of precipitation, or about 160 percent of the normal 7.1... Read more
New Elzetta Design Mini-CQB Weaponlight
I’ve fallen in love with Elzetta Design’s lights in the past few years.  I even hesitate to call them “flashlights” because that sounds so cheap compared to the quality that these lights boast.  “Handheld tactical illumination devices” seems more like it.  These by far, are the most robust lights in... Read more
The Amazing, Handy, Gotta-Carry-Them Zip-Ties
As a boater, there are a few items you always keep on hand. A length of rope. Extra drain plugs. A spare life jacket. I could walk out to any of my boats right now (or for that matter, to my truck), and lay my hands on any one... Read more
Ford recalls almost 400,000 late model vehicles
It has been relatively quiet on the recall front, but that appears to be changing with Ford’s recall of more than 390,000 vehicles for a door latch problem. The company said Friday that the problem may prevent doors from closing properly potentially causing them to open while the vehicle... Read more
Oil is leaking into the Gulf
Just when you thought the oil spill in the Gulf from the BP well was over, there’s a new oil leak in the Gulf. Actually it’s not a new one. It’s been leaking oil since September 2004 and some sources say if you add up all the estimates of... Read more
Coastal fishing report …
” Capt. Paul Marcaccio who normally fishes the Galveston bay system reports bad weather along his part of the coast. “I fished Port O’Connor Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and it was not good. We had seven inches of rain at Port O’Connor Tuesday morning in a 2 ½ hour... Read more
If you love a GMC Denali, this one’s for you
Truck interiors have made a huge transition over the past ten years, and nowhere is this seen more clearly than in the luxury trucks that are on most truck buyers wish lists.  The 2015 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 is no exception.  Less flashy than some of its competitors, it... Read more