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Dwarf Whitetails Update

Last summer Kingdom Zoo started soliciting information about tiny or “dwarf” whitetail deer. My father and uncle both reported seeing fully developed whitetail bucks that…

first boat

The Boys First Boat

This was a great year for firsts, with me and my sons: they caught their first marlin, they experienced their first over-nighter offshore, and they…

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Manatee in Texas? Yes!

Last week we reported on a manatee spotted near Lake Calcasieu just a few miles east of the Texas-Louisiana border. Now we have a confirmed…

The “Siamese” M16 (VIDEO)

The “Siamese” M16 (VIDEO)

A little while ago OutdoorHub covered the double-barreled 1911 pistol from Arsenal Firearms, and this is possibly the closest we will ever get to the same thing…

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War and Wildlife

The human tragedy of war is horrific. It must be the first concern in any conflict. The cost to wildlife however can often be tremendous…

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Gentle Giants-On the Move?

Manatees are on the move-at least along the Intracoastal Waterway corridor in Louisiana. A recent verified sighting near Lake Calcasieu near the Texas-Louisiana border shows…