Trinity Oaks – Changing Lives with Hunting and Fishing
There are a lot of organizations out there that use the outdoors, hunting, and fishing to make a difference in people’s lives.  Trinity Oakes is a great organization in Texas that does just that. Check out their video below: Trinity Oaks uses hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities to give back... Read more
Are you ready for some dove hunting?
This year, dove hunters will have more opportunity earlier in the season. The North and Central zones will have five more days than last year, and the South Zone will have two additional days. The 2015-2016 Texas dove season is 70 days, with a 15-bird daily bag limit and... Read more
The Boat Shows are Coming – 3 Tips to Get Your Best Deal
Looking for a new boat? With the summer season growing a bit long in the tooth, it’s time to start thinking about those fall and winter boat shows. These not only give you a chance to look at a large number of boats all at the same time in... Read more
14-year-old with .22 rifle protects 6-year-old siblings during home invasion
A 14-year-old boy is being called a hero after he protected himself, his 6-year-old siblings and their home during a broad daylight break-in at their North Las Vegas home last week. Andrew Mason, his brother and sister were all home alone, with Andrew in charge, when the two suspects... Read more
Reloading .22LR Rimfire
I’m asked all the time if you can reload .22LR.  While it’s possible, it’s not practical.  However with the rimfire shortage we have seen for the past several years I’ve been expecting to see a home reloading kit and finally you can acquire one from .22lrReloader.com I’m guessing their... Read more
Fish call ….

Fish call ….

Tom Behrens August 21, 2015 0

There are duck calls, deer calls … how about a fish call. A father and son team, Jack and Jeff Damos from Louisiana say they have designed the first throwable, floating, electronic fish attractor. The Fish Call is essentially a floating speaker that plays pre-recorded sounds and vibrations designed... Read more
Roman Candle Minigun (VIDEO)
For those of you whole love fireworks mixed with a decent amount of American ingenuity, you will love this video.  This guy straps a series of cardboard tubes filled with roman candles to his arms and essentially creates a Rambo worthy roman candle minigun. Check out the video below:... Read more
Photo Tips: Make Your Big Fish Look Bigger
Okay, this was a BIG fish. In fact, it’s a 157-pound bigeye tuna, which my brother Bill (you see him here) cranked in during an offshore trip last week. But it looks one heck of a lot bigger in this photo than it does in any of the other... Read more