Game Warden Field Notes

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. Missed a Spot When a landowner in Red River County…


Heizer Defense ‘Pocket AR’ now shipping

Heizer Defense, best known for a .410-bore/.45 Colt single-shot “Pocket Shotgun” derringer, announced that its “Pocket AR” PAR1, a similar single-shot pocket pistol chambered for .223 Remington,…

Deer Bucks Antlers after Being Shot (VIDEO)

Deer Bucks Antlers after Being Shot (VIDEO)

Filmmaker and hunter Jason Sebo got a late-season surprise when, after recovering a buck shot, he found its antlers discarded on the forest floor. “[It] ran…

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Giant hogs-for real? (Pt. 2)

As noted in the highly detailed chapter on giant hogs in my book “Hog Wild” there were holes in the story of “Monster Pig” from…


500 Yards with a .22LR Pistol (VIDEO)

Just when you think Jerry Miculek was the king of long range handgun shots, YouTuber 22 Plinkster has taken it up a notch with a smaller round….