500 Yards with a .22LR Pistol (VIDEO)

Just when you think Jerry Miculek was the king of long range handgun shots, YouTuber 22 Plinkster has taken it up a notch with a smaller round….


San Leon Don

0   San Leon Don 180 lb wild boar shot with 270 Uvalde County 100 yard shot. Donnie Wimberly son guide.


ULM/Baffin Birthday

+1   Left to right; mike donohoe, Marvin zinsmeyer sr, and birthday boy Marvin zinsmeyer jr all caught limits of trout while fishing with Captin Preston…


Congress Passes Electronic Duck Stamp Bill

In another move to update Federal Duck Stamp legislation,after passing a bill to raise the price from $15 to $25 earlier this month, Congress gave its OK to…