Bay Speck

+1   My Son Logan Fisher Serawan wade fishing in Galveston west bay late October, gotta love Texas! We were using a soft plastic minnow, Texas…


Daughter and Doves

+1   Hailey Nicole Serawan in Richmond Texas about to clean her first dove


Second Redfish 40.5″

+4   Matthew Wong caught his second redfish which turned out to be a forty and a half inch bull. The first red Matt caught being…

Off-road rated vehicles took on an extended rock crawl at the Active Lifestyle Vehicle competition at Local Motors.

2014 Active Lifestyle Vehicle winners named

The automotive/truck community has its awards season just like they do for Hollywood movies or recognition-worthy music. It’s exciting, exhausting and loaded with joy and…

Dolphin Jumps onto Anglers’ Boat (VIDEO)

Dolphin Jumps onto Anglers’ Boat (VIDEO)

Saltwater fishermen are usually more worried about fish like marlin jumping into their boats, but these anglers found that their new crew mate was actually…