Last Day Buck

After chasing for the better part of two months, got him on the last day of the season.  Shot in Wilkinson County, MS

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Chester’s Top 5 Wildlife Encounters

After blogging on my favorite fish caught, I thought I would do one on overall wildlife encounters. This was a tough list to narrow down…

Officials: When animals attack call 9-11

If a raccoon attacks someone in Monroeville,  police want to know about it before TV news viewers do. Last week, a Monroeville woman who said…

Castaway known to drink turtle blood

Well before his incredible tale of survival in a 13-month Pacific odyssey, fellow Mexican fishermen say Jose Salvador Alvarenga consumed the very things he claims…

Spring camping events set for Houston area

Spring camping events set for Houston area

HOUSTON – Texas Outdoor Family, a Texas State Park family camping program, will host spring and summer family camping workshops at Brazos Bend, Huntsville and…