The Desert Tactical MDR isn't expected to hit market for another year.  But I'm really hoping to see a sweet suppressor platform here.  These were so prototype the stocks were 3D printed.

SHOT Show Finds

These are a few of the unique finds of the day.  AR stocks that hold extra mags, as well as ones that hold a pistol….

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It’s the little things…

Kingdom Zoo field researcher Todd Jurasek has a knack for finding things in the field that no one else tends to see. He recently sent…

Kalashnikov USA introducing their 3 Gun Shotgun.

SHOT Show Updates

Integrated suppressed shotguns, a LaRue Tactical precision bolt action rifle, CZ Scorpion, and more.

Nature Blinds SHOT Show 2015

Nature Blinds SHOT Show 2015

Do you ever have those days when you wish you could just hollow out a tree and use that as a blind? Now you can…well,…

Umarex Shot Show 2015

Umarex Shot Show 2015

  When I think about air guns it often takes me back to my childhood and fond memories of my trusty Daisy Red Rider. Once…


Laser Max SHOT Show 2015

Laser Max came through with some super solid products at SHOT this year. We happend to stuble across thier booth right as we walked in…