Texas’ newest open range state record non-typical whitetail buck
Matt Williams If you like good deer hunting stories, you’re going to love the one Mark Lee of Crosby finally shared with me a couple of weeks back. It’s one of those fascinating cat and mouse tales built around a tireless father/son team, Friday night lights and a host... Read more
July 2014

July 2014

EMagMagazine July 31, 2014

Night Vision on the Cheap
Chad Ferguson I stood in the “man cave” at my friend’s home one hot August afternoon as he pulled cases and pouches out of gun safes. The room held more weapons and high tech hunting gadgetry than most small town police stations in Texas. My .300 Blackout rifle lay... Read more
Turtles in Texas
Chester Moore It is virtually impossible to cruise the waterways of Texas without seeing turtles. We are blessed to have a wide variety ranging from the common red-eared slider to the magnificent sea turtles. Let us look at Texas’ amazing aquatic turtles. The softshell turtle can reach gigantic proportions... Read more
Panfish Party
Matt Williams When it comes to fun fishing, nothing beats a panfish. Actually, a panfish isn’t a species of fish. It’s a word that is sometimes used to describe assorted fish that are good to eat but seldom outgrow the size of a frying pan. Here in Texas, crappies... Read more
June 2014

June 2014

EMagMagazine July 1, 2014

Frogging for Redfish
John N. Felsher Hunkered down in thick cover, a large pot-bellied fish tracked the silhouette of a frog flitting across matted grass just two feet above its head as it waited for the opportune time to strike. The creature briefly paused atop the grass and then hopped gently into... Read more
An Honest Look at Coyotes
Chester Moore A recent television documentary featured the sad story of Canadian folk singer Taylor Mitchell who was killed by coyotes in a park in her native country. The 19-year-old’s tragic death in 2009 via the recent program has spawned lots of questions about the potential danger of coyotes... Read more