Panfish Party
Matt Williams When it comes to fun fishing, nothing beats a panfish. Actually, a panfish isn’t a species of fish. It’s a word that is sometimes used to describe assorted fish that are good to eat but seldom outgrow the size of a frying pan. Here in Texas, crappies... Read more
June 2014

June 2014

EMagMagazine July 1, 2014

Frogging for Redfish
John N. Felsher Hunkered down in thick cover, a large pot-bellied fish tracked the silhouette of a frog flitting across matted grass just two feet above its head as it waited for the opportune time to strike. The creature briefly paused atop the grass and then hopped gently into... Read more
An Honest Look at Coyotes
Chester Moore A recent television documentary featured the sad story of Canadian folk singer Taylor Mitchell who was killed by coyotes in a park in her native country. The 19-year-old’s tragic death in 2009 via the recent program has spawned lots of questions about the potential danger of coyotes... Read more
The Outer Limits – Fishing Beyond the Third Bar
Calixto Gonzales The weather was gorgeous on that June morning in 2005, and the surf was calm. I stood on the South Brazos Santiago Jetty at the juncture where water meets the beach and was having a good day fooling hefty speckled trout with a Pop-R. A fellow angler... Read more
The Crappie Whisperers
Bob Hood The crappie spawn is over, so where did the crappie go after leaving their shallow nests? A handful of crappie fishing gurus know, and they aren’t bashful about sharing their knowledge about crappie tactics that work in a multitude of different reservoirs before, during and after the... Read more
Gear Up and Thick It Out
Matt Williams When I think of big Texas bass, my mind naturally conjures up thoughts of some sort of cover—hydrilla beds, lily pads, cattail stands, pepper grass, underwater brush piles, flooded bushes or anything else where a big fish might seek out security or take refuge to wait for... Read more
The Best Kept Wildlife Secret in Texas
Chester Moore If you’ve driven down I-35 in New Braunfels much over the last few decades you have probably noticed the big sign that says “Snake Farm.” It is a landmark in the region, having opened its doors in 1967, and I fondly remember stopping there many years ago... Read more