Bow Birds: A Closer Look at Hunting Spring Turkey with a Bow
Lou Marullo Hunting a spring gobbler with a bow can be the most frustrating thing you have ever attempted, but arrowing a spring gobbler can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have in the field. If you are someone who loves a challenge – and... Read more
Doodlesocking Cats
Chad Ferguson There’s no better time to use a technique called “doodlesocking” than late spring and early summer, when channel catfish are spawning. This is a sure-fire way to load up on channel cats and have a day of fast-paced fishing action – and you won’t even need a... Read more
‘Hoo Do You Love?  Why You Relax and Embrace the Ballyhoo over Ballyhoo
Calixto Gonzales Conditions were not what you’d call fisherman-friendly.  The wind was blowing straight south at a steady 25 knots with gusts pushing 35.  Foam lines streaked the water of Lower Laguna Madre, which looked like a cup of coffee with a generous dollop of cream in it.  The... Read more
Snakes in Texas
Chester Moore Texas has some 113 species and subspecies of snakes ranging from the tiny earth snake to the massive indigo. This month we will look at some of the diverse species of serpents found in the Lone Star State. The cottonmouth is arguably the most aggressive snake in... Read more
Thirty Years of Fish & Game, 1984-2014
Roy Neves The year 1984, like the year 2000, was once used as a sort of symbolic shorthand to describe the world of a distant future. In the case of 1984, that world was always dark and forebidding, thanks of course to George Orwell. We are now 30 years... Read more
April 2014

April 2014

EMagMagazine May 1, 2014

Post Spawn: Is it really bass fishing’s toughest time?
Matt Williams For as long as I can remember post spawn bass fishing has gotten a bad rap. The theory among many anglers is that *Micropterus Salmoides* goes into some kind of a weird funk during late April and May resulting in a case of lockjaw so severe that... Read more
Building Your Own AR-15
Dustin Ellermann While several people believe the misnomer propagated by the liberal media that the “AR” in AR15 stands for “Assault Rifle” it actually refers to the one of the original manufactures “ArmaLite”.  But I like to tell folks that AR15 stands for “Awesome Rifle everyone needs at least... Read more

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