Walk-up Saltwater (Location Maps, Species, Lure/Baits, and Times Included!)
Chester Moore Not all anglers have boats. That is something Texas Fish & Game has known for a long time, which is why we include bank-fishing locations on all of our coastal Hot Spots Focus columns every month. And while there are a fair number of quality bank fishing... Read more
May 2014

May 2014

EMagMagazine June 2, 2014

Catfish Summer
Matt Williams School’s out, summer is here and the catfish are ready to chomp. Whether you are an angler hoping to fill a void in the freezer or a parent with plans to turn a youngster on to fishing for the first time, there may not be a better... Read more
Slimers & Hardheads: Saltwater Cats are More Popular than Ever
Chester Moore It did not take long to figure out what was on the other end of the line. At first I thought it might have been a shark because it hit hard and fast, but when slime started oozing up the line, it was obvious I was battling... Read more
Targeting Trophy Trout
John N. Felsher Everyone hears stories of novice anglers throwing something ridiculous and landing a trophy speckled trout. Sure, that happens occasionally, but so does winning $100 million in a lottery. Just don’t count on it! “Anyone can get lucky every now and then,” said Capt. Eddie Hernandez of... Read more
Sand and Teeth:  Catching Sharks from Shore
Calixto Gonzales The three old men were a fixture on the South Brazos Santiago jetties. They had an old red oilskin tarp set up as a sort of lean-to for shade, a banged up Coleman camp stove with a pot of coffee and black-scorched cookwear. They had a bucket... Read more
Bow Birds: A Closer Look at Hunting Spring Turkey with a Bow
Lou Marullo Hunting a spring gobbler with a bow can be the most frustrating thing you have ever attempted, but arrowing a spring gobbler can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have in the field. If you are someone who loves a challenge – and... Read more
Doodlesocking Cats
Chad Ferguson There’s no better time to use a technique called “doodlesocking” than late spring and early summer, when channel catfish are spawning. This is a sure-fire way to load up on channel cats and have a day of fast-paced fishing action – and you won’t even need a... Read more