Snakes in Texas
Chester Moore Texas has some 113 species and subspecies of snakes ranging from the tiny earth snake to the massive indigo. This month we will look at some of the diverse species of serpents found in the Lone Star State. The cottonmouth is arguably the most aggressive snake in... Read more
Thirty Years of Fish & Game, 1984-2014
Roy Neves The year 1984, like the year 2000, was once used as a sort of symbolic shorthand to describe the world of a distant future. In the case of 1984, that world was always dark and forebidding, thanks of course to George Orwell. We are now 30 years... Read more
April 2014

April 2014

EMagMagazine May 1, 2014

Post Spawn: Is it really bass fishing’s toughest time?
Matt Williams For as long as I can remember post spawn bass fishing has gotten a bad rap. The theory among many anglers is that *Micropterus Salmoides* goes into some kind of a weird funk during late April and May resulting in a case of lockjaw so severe that... Read more
Building Your Own AR-15
Dustin Ellermann While several people believe the misnomer propagated by the liberal media that the “AR” in AR15 stands for “Assault Rifle” it actually refers to the one of the original manufactures “ArmaLite”.  But I like to tell folks that AR15 stands for “Awesome Rifle everyone needs at least... Read more
Trigger-Unhappy: How A Fish Goes From Unwanted To Endangered
Mike Holmes My first experience at offshore fishing came at the end of my freshman year in high school. Growing up in East Texas, a class trip with my Vocational Agriculture group on Capt. Tee Boy McCall’s old Sunrise II party boat out of Cameron. Louisiana was about as... Read more
Strange Bay Tales
Chester Moore “Strange things are done ‘neath the midnight sun.” Had the author of that line, Robert Service, lived in Texas, he might have penned similar words about fishing the bays. Robert Sanchez and party could provide inspiration. Several years ago, the three waders entered the chilly waters of... Read more
Getting the Blade: Why Carrying a Knife Will Help Keep You Sharp
Paul Bradshaw There are certain lessons in life that my father taught me that I’ll never forget.  How to drive a standard transmission (I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten that lesson either).  That your belt buckle, pants zipper, and buttons on your shirt should all line up (still trying to... Read more