The Hog from Hell
Chester Moore IF THERE IS A DARK SIDE to hunting in the American South, it comes via wild hogs. No animal from Texas to Florida is more unpredictable, aggressive and, in some circumstances, downright evil. Take, for example, the “Satan Hog”. Back in the mid 1990s, I hunted hogs... Read more
Texas Biggest Bass
Matt Williams Texas bass lakes have changed immensely over the last 30 or so years. So have the fish that are finning around out there, the anglers who chase them, and the biological practices that are used to manage one fishery to the next. Back in 1979, when I... Read more
AR15 Airgun Training
Dustin Ellermann The cost of ammo seems to only increase and never fall.  Those of us who shoot competition, hunt regularly, train for defensive situations or just enjoy shooting feel the hurt the most. Fortunately there are alternatives to keep cost down and shooting skills up.  I’ve covered the... Read more
Applying for Permit
Joe Doggett Being the nice guy that I am, I insisted that Dave Hayward take the first 30-minute shift on the casting platform of the flats skiff. Of course, the generous gesture was mainly prompted by the fact that the upcoming water looked a bit deep and “froggy” for... Read more
Oh, You Didn’t Know?
Calixto Gonzales One really neat thing about moving from teaching high school to middle school is how much the students marvel at the little bits of arcane information I sometimes spring on them.  I can pass along some little factoid, such as historians are able to tell the exact... Read more
March 2014

March 2014

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Ravings of the Predator Kind
Ted Nugent Silence. Stillness. Clarity. Life. Could there possibly be any other situation or environment as peaceful, raw, primal and perfect as a treestand? No. If ever there was a place where we can be at once poised to pounce and kill, yet nearly comatose, in suspended animation, flatline-like... Read more
Know and Respect Your Limits
Doug Pike Consumptive outdoor recreation is a privilege, like driving or voting. Lawmakers have neither reason nor justification to revoke that privilege, so far, but our own greed ultimately could do what no politician would dare. We’re fortunate just now to live in a relative time of plenty, a... Read more