Choosing a Tow Vehicle? A Few Things to Keep in Mind
If you regularly tow a boat, sooner or later you’ll be faced with choosing a new tow vehicle. Recently I had the chance to park my truck for a week, and tow a number of different boats with a different (and brand new) truck. Even though I’ve always been... Read more
Battling Corrosion: Do this, to Save Your Boat!
I’m going to show you something really, really ugly… are you ready? Yikes! Sorry, fellow boater, I know that’s tough to look at. It causes us pain to see something so horrid, especially on our boats. But if we’re not careful, this sort of corrosion is what we have... Read more
How to Break Your Boat (Don’t do this)
Considering how many of us regularly run boats in all different bodies of water and weather conditions, it’s really rather shocking there aren’t a whole lot more disasters on the water. You’ve heard me talk about a few relevant topics in the past: How NOT to trim your boat, ... Read more
Put Outdoor Air Conditioning on Your Boat for $300
I know this sounds a little nutty, but it’s true: you can put air conditioning on your small center console, more or less, with a mere $300 and an afternoon of work. I say “more or less” because what I’m talking about is a misting system, not actual AC.... Read more
The Corcl: An All-New Kind of Boat
I’m betting you’ve never heard of the Corcl before. In fact, I’d bet a lot—because this is a brand-new type of boat, which was just introduced to the world this past summer. In fact, it’s so new that you’ll have trouble finding it in stores and if you decide... Read more
Rigging Boat Electronics? Don’t Do This!
Many of us rig our own electronics, especially on relatively small, simple boats. And truth be told, there’s no great mystery when wiring up a fishfinder or a chartplotter. You have power leads, maybe a transducer cable or a NMEA 2000 wire to route, and all is well, right?... Read more
Boat Trailering Safety: Tips and Tricks
Trailering a boat can be dangerous (read Avoid This Trailering Disaster for one example why) and you need to make sure you head down the highway with safety in mind. This is front-and-center in my head these days, since I just finished shooting the Ram/boats.com Tips for Trailering series.... Read more
Why We’re Spooking Fish (With our Boats)
Here’s a very, very important illustration, which shows how we spook the heck out of fish with our boats. This is a representation of a fish’s lateral line. As you can see in the blow-up box, each of the tiny dots you see on a fish’s flanks, which make... Read more