Gear Video: Gulp! Saltwater
John Prochnow and Chester Moore talk about new Berkley Gulp! saltwater bait, designed especially for the Texas coast. Read more
An element of my (Chester’s Moore’s) F.L.E.X. FIshing (R) system that will be detailed in further writing on specific species is eliminating what I call the “human factor”. Big fish are super shy and tend to avoid anything that seems suspicious. In my quest to catch big bass in... Read more
Want to catch the very biggest redfish in the areas you fish? Then fish with live croaker. Big live croaker. I have caught 26 inch redfish on 10-inch live croaker and caught 35 pound redfish on 14 inch croaker. I have never seen anything work on big reds whether... Read more
Many anglers are starting to pursue alligator garfish in Texas. Here’s a cool clip of how the state is conducting research on this unique species. Click here to watch. Chester Moore Read more
In the Oct. 2012 edition of Texas Fish & Game, I have a story called “Bubba Gump Shrimp” about myriad ways to use live and faux shrimp to catch specks. Here are three of those techniques. Pick up the current issue or view the online version of you are... Read more
Ardent has a unique reel for flipping and pitching designed by bass fishing legend Denny Brauer. Check out this video of him giving the run down on why it is so effective. Click here to view. Chester Moore Read more
Want virtually guaranteed bull reds NOW? Go to any of the jetty systems along the coast and search out deep holes in the rocks. The areas near the southern tip are usually best but any hole that is large and drops off sharply will hold bull reds. Next catch... Read more
Why use wide gap hooks? They are becoming increasingly popular for live bait fishermen in Texas. Watch this video to find out. Click here to view. Chester Moore Read more

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