Miami Boat Show Preview: New Fishing Boats from Boston Whaler, Edgewater, Mako
As the Miami Boat Show approaches (it runs February 11 through the 15th) the press releases are starting to fly. And already, we’re hearing about some cool new fishing boats that will be hitting the water for the 2017 model year. Here’s a glimpse of cool things to come... Read more
Should You Consider a Jet Boat for Fishing?
The answer to this question used to be a pretty easy “no”. Unless you regularly ran through rocky rivers, jet drives on outboard powered fishing boats didn’t make much sense. And inboard jet drives may have a huge advantage when it comes to draft, but since no one built... Read more
Bayliner F18: An 18 Foot Fishboat for Under 20K?
Recently I went on assignment to test a Bayliner Element F18, for review on boats.com. (Watch the F18 video boat review, to see it for yourself). While I’ve never been a huge Bayliner fan, I do realize that they fill an important niche in the boating market, and since... Read more
Building a Better Fishing Boat: Check Out This Tower
You want a better fishing boat? Of course you do – there’s no such thing as the “perfect” boat, and no matter which you choose there will be days when you wish it were different somehow. There’s one way, however, that many bay boats could be built better: if... Read more