Final list of gift ideas for the marksmen in your life. Also be sure to check out the list for the young at heart marksmen. Ammo – the more the better.  If you don’t know what caliber just get a huge value box of 550 rounds of .22LR for... Read more
Another list of cool gift suggestions for the outdoorsmen and marksmen in your life: Electronic Ear Protection is the way to go.  It’s more enjoyable and safer because you can be aware of your surroundings.  I prefer the 3m Peltor behind the head muffs because they are low profile... Read more
“Top Shot” Approved Gifts Younger Marksman Part 2
Earlier I posted some gift ideas for the young marksman in your life and here is a few more ideas. Boys need to be encouraged to grow into strong men, and we do this by allowing them to get dirty, tie knots, shoot guns, skin a squirrel and start... Read more