For trophy-sized snapper, the wrecks and rocks that can be found away from heavily pressure oil rigs are the best. These “hard spots” may require a little extra effort to find, but more often than not they produce big snapper. Snapper are not drawn to big structure only. The... Read more
Large circle hooks rigged on steel leaders are the most popular terminal tackle for bagging sharks. Sharks cannot only cut a line with their teeth but also with their skin, which is sharp in its own right. One quick slap of the tail can cut even heavy duty line... Read more
If you would like to catch ling try the standard summer fishing protocol: a handful of cut pogeys thrown overboard, and live crab or fresh cut bait hanging from circle hooks.  Crabs in particular are extremely good baits for ling. Almost every ling I have ever cleaned or seen... Read more
Ever wonder what wide-gapped hooks are good for? Check out this video to learn the best applications. Read more