During the winter period lots of anglers wadefish for big trout on mud flats adjacent to the Intracoastal Canal. On warm afternoons big trout move up to feed over the mud, which retains heat and is a few degrees warmer than surrounding areas. The typical strategy involves using slow-sinking... Read more
Do you ever dissect the fish you caught? When cleaning fish you should take time to check stomach contents so you get a good grasp on exactly what they are eating. Last year, my cousin Frank Moore was cleaning a five-foot long alligator garfish he caught behind a culling... Read more
Coastal anglers know that fishing a slack (dead) tide can be extremely difficult. Fish seemingly get lockjaw once the tides stop moving. A good area to fishing during slack tides is around the Intracoastal Canal or other ship channels. If you can find a bayou that pours into it,... Read more
Have you ever seen fish hitting with your own eyes but they were keyed in on something VERY specific. They weren’t just hitting shrimp, they were hitting a certain size shrimp, etc. I have found this recently while flounder fishing in the Sabine River. The catching has been thin... Read more